How to apply


We accept new students twice per year. Thus you may begin your studies in either the fall or spring semester. 

  • Between September 1st and April 30th - to begin in September (fall semester)
  • Between July 15th and November 15th - to begin in February (spring semester)

Tip: Apply early if you need visa. It may take a lot of time to get it.

What will you need?

700 CZK (ca. 27 EUR) application fee and a few documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
    Summary of education, relevant work experience, skills and competences. You know the drill.
  • Statement of purpose
    Document outlining your personal and professional motivation for applying for the EPS program.

  • Proof of proficiency in English (recommended)
    • TOEFL score of over 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) or 79 (Internet-based)
    • IELTS score of over 6.5, Cambridge CAE (B grade or higher) or CPE (C grade or higher)
    • Note: these are indicative requirements. Not delivering these test results will not void your application. We strongly recommend all applicants to get their language proficiency evaluated though. Overestimating their language skills is among the reasons why students fail.

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
    Proof of qualifications (diploma copy certified by an authorized university office or a public notary) including a final transcript of records. A diploma or transcript of records not issued in English or Czech should be accompanied by an official English language translation, stamped and signed by an authorized translator or university office.

  • Essay
    Pick a topic in (international) energy politics. It does not matter whether the topic is something affecting the whole world (like climate change or transition to renewable energy) or whether it is something more regional (like the conflict and cooperation behind the Nord Stream gas pipelines, for example). In your 700-800 words essay, describe the topic and then imagine you are a political leader participating in solving an issue or a problem relevant to your topic. What would you, as a political leader, do? What solutions would you suggest and why? Explain and defend your reasoning. If citing any sources, make sure you cite them properly and that you avoid any intended or unintended plagiarism.

    If unsure about what plagiarism is, check out this website which has great explanations and illustrative examples.

How exactly?

You begin the application process by clicking at the button below and completing the online application form. The application can be saved and returned to later.


Is that it?

No, we need to see you and talk to you before we accept you. We set up a 20-minute online call between you and somebody from our admission board. The exact date and time of the interview is usually determined within two weeks after you complete your application.

During the call we will discuss your motivation and expectations from the program. We will also inquire about your past studies and experience with the field.

Whitelist the domain in your e-mail to ensure you receive the invitation. 

And then?

Our admission board evaluates your documents and the report from our call. We will get back to you with the results within a week after the call.

Once accepted

If you need visa, start the necessary procedures as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check our recommended reading list for new students.

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